Welcome to St Mary's Shaw cum Donnington! 

St Mary's Church in Shaw cum Donnington is a very friendly and welcoming Christian community. We truly want to be an inclusive parish church and are trying to offer something for everyone! On this website you will hopefully get a first impression of the kind of services and activities we offer, but we hope, of course, that you will come along and see for yourself! 


My name is Marion and I have been the Rector of St Mary's since 2009. I am greatly supported by a marvellous team of both Lay and Ordained people, including our Churchwardens Mark and Mary, our Parish Administrators Sally and Julie, our Worship Leader Steve, and ... I just realised that this will be a very very long article if I list everyone who plays a really important role in helping to make St Mary's the lovely and caring place it is! 

We are always keen to hear from you, whether you would like us to arrange a special service for you like a baptism or a wedding, or even a special service or event for your organisation, school or club! We are also always keen to hear about community projects and ways in which we might be able to support them, as your local church. 

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Lots of love from Marion- and the amazing team at St Mary's Shaw cum Donnington!