Pastoral Care

St Mary's has a dedicated Pastoral Team that works hard to offer home communions and pastoral support to those who are unable to attend church services due to infirmity or ill health. 

If you would like us to visit you, please contact us through the church office on 01635 40450 or Email  


If you are widowed you might also find the Barnabas Bereavement Support Group of interest which meets every Wednesday from 10am to 12noon in the church centre. We also have a Pensioners' Lunch Club for those who live alone and would like to meet some new friends. This is held on the 4th Tuesday of the month (except for July and August). If you are interested in joining our Lunch Club, please contact the team through the church office on 01635 40450. BOTH SUSPENDED DURING LOCKDOWN

For those who are interested in exploring the ministry of Pastoral Care, we are currently offering a pastoral training course. For further information ask at the church office.