How to give to St. Mary's Shaw cum Donnington

In an active and busy church like St. Mary’s it is easy for existing members to think that all is well and for newcomers and visitors to feel that their contribution is not really needed.  We have been successful with fundraising efforts to support specific projects, such as the recent roof repair, but we also need to raise enough regular income to run our church activities and continue our work serving the community in Shaw and Donnington. It costs more than £100,000 per year to run St. Mary’s.  We receive no financial support from the Church of England. 

We need YOUR help to achieve this.

Christian Giving is a response to God's generosity and an express of our awareness that we owe everything we have to Him.  God calls us to be good stewards of His gifts and to invest them in His mission and in the service of God and our neighbour.

Giving towards the upkeep of our church and local ministry is also an obligation to past and future generations.  We are only able to enjoy our church as a beautiful place for worship, family celebrations and community activities due to the generosity of previous generations.  Their example and care oblige us to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same privilege. Over the past 175 years thousands of parishioners have worshiped here. Thousands more have been baptised, married and mourned in this building and even more have enjoyed it at concerts and special events. 


If you value St. Mary’s as a place of worship, or simply as a beautiful and historic building that is part of your local history, please help to make sure that the building continues to be available to all for at least another 175 years.

Cash or cheque donations are always welcome and can be given to the church office.  Cheques should be payable to 'Shaw cum Donnington PCC.'

If you wish to make a donation by bank transfer please contact the office for details.

Our special fundraising projects are visible on The Good Exchange website and usually benefit from matched funding.  See  

More details about our income and expenditure can be found in our latest 'Supporting St Mary's' booklet. 

You can support St Mary's in other ways too. For example you could:

  • Pray for us and with us.  Pray at home for the initiatives that we support, join us for one of our Sunday or midweek services, join us at our monthly Prayer Breakfasts or join a home group.

  • Join a flower arranging, church cleaning or brass cleaning team.

  • Join the service rota and do a monthly reading, lead the prayers, operate the laptop or the sound desk.

  • Volunteer at the Monthly Lunch Club for our elderly members, Messy Church for families or the Youth Drop In for our local teeenagers.

  • Find a friend to help you and join the coffee rota after the main service each week.

  • Join one of the planning committees to ensure that the activities at church and our outreach activities run smoothly.

We thank everybody for their support, however large or small!