How to give to St. Mary's Shaw cum Donnington

This year is the 175th anniversary of the building of the present St. Mary’s Church and we have lots of special activities and celebrations planned. The building is a tangible reminder of the many generations of parishioners who have gone before us, providing us through their faith, vision and generosity, with such a beautiful legacy.

Over the past 175 years thousands of parishioners have worshiped here. Thousands more have been baptised, married, and mourned in this building and even more have enjoyed it at concerts and special events. If you have never been inside, come to one of the anniversary events and take a look.

The maintenance of Church buildings is dependent on income and donations from the congregation and community.  St. Mary’s chancel roof is in need of urgent repair and the cost is more than can be afforded from our regular income and reserves.

Whether you value St. Mary’s, Shaw-cum-Donnington as a place of worship, a focus for special family events, a venue for concerts and celebrations or simply as a beautiful and historic building that is part of your local history, please support the anniversary activities and the roof appeal and help make sure that the building continues to be available to all for at least another 175 years.

To donate to the appeal go to and search for Shaw Church.  Your donation will be match funded. or you can give something directly by simply logging into your online banking and adding our details.

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You can support St Mary's in other ways too.

You could join a church cleaning or brass cleaning team

Join the service rota and do a monthly reading or lead the prayers.

Help out at the monthly lunch club

Find a friend to help you and join the coffee rota for after the main service each week.

We thank everybody for their support, however large or small!